Early Learning Centres


Streamlining curriculum planning

Schooling Online takes the hard work out of curriculum planning. We offer hundreds of captivating lessons for young learners. All our content is mapped to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), so you can use our videos with ease.

Our comprehensive program includes engaging videos, interactive comprehension sets, educational games and imaginative arts and crafts projects. This play-based approach stimulates the senses and nurtures young minds.

We fit right into your EYLF planning cycle. Our educational videos provide opportunities for you to observe and collect information on young learners. The interactive comprehension questions allow you to analyse each individual’s learning and plan for the future.


Endless engagement

Our approach to learning is dynamic and multi-faceted. We use engaging narratives, stunning visuals and delightful characters to engage young learners. Our catchy songs, rhymes and mnemonics make learning easy and fun! Young learners will remain captivated as they move through our comprehensive program of activities.


Flexible learning resources

We want to cater to your early learning centre’s distinct needs and priorities. You can choose to prioritise certain lessons based on the needs and interests of your students. We also give you the freedom to adjust the pace of each lesson.

Schooling Online can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Why restrict learning to the classroom? Children can continue learning at home under the guidance of their parents. After all, we’re just one click away!


Primary & Secondary Schools


An engaging learning platform

Schooling Online is a perfect learning tool for 21st century learners. Our educational videos cover a range of subjects taught in primary and secondary schools, including English and Science. Our secondary school program prepares students for the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB).

Our engaging videos feature detailed explanations, exciting visuals and effective diagrams, allowing you to enrich your students’ learning experiences. All our content is mapped to the syllabus, so there is no need to waste time searching for relevant resources. Your students will love our unique and modern take on the syllabus content.

Building on the basics

Our lessons follow a scaffolded approach to learning. We build students’ foundational understanding, then draw on this knowledge as we introduce new concepts. Along the way, we revisit key concepts to fill in any gaps in understanding.

For example, our English Essentials series introduces a range of language forms and features specific to a text type, while our Perfecting Poetry and Destroying Drama series refer to these elements while analysing prescribed texts.


Enhancing students’ learning experiences

Our lessons are perfect for teaching the content for the first time, revising the content after a lesson, or revising the content for an assessment. Our learning resources identify typical exam-style questions for each topic and provide detailed sample responses. We also summarise the key ideas in each topic at the end of each lesson.

You can use our videos to support students who have missed lessons at school or require further assistance and revision. Our videos can also enhance the learning experiences of high-achievers and self-directed learners. Schooling Online offers endless flexibility at your fingertips!

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