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Our goal is to deliver lessons based on REAL Principles. We believe that learning should be relevant to learning outcomes at school, while catering to your child’s unique developmental stage.

Every lesson should be easy to understand and follow a clear structure. We want learning to be lively and engaging, while remaining accessible and affordable to all students. Our lessons take the hard work out of the equation, so teachers, parents and students can focus on teaching and learning.

A World of Subjects and Lessons

We offer over three hundred educational videos covering subjects that are taught in the best private schools in Sydney. We provide engaging lessons beyond what most Sydney private tuition schools can offer at a fraction of a cost.  

Our videos use cutting edge teaching techniques and philosophies to cover the same amount of educational depth and subject emphasis as Sydney’s best private schools. Your child will be able to learn at the same level taught at Sydney’s best private schools within the privacy and comfort of your own home.

We offer 2 different types of subscriptions: a pre-school & primary level subscription and secondary level subscription. Both provide a wide variety of lessons under the respective curricula.

Learning Online is Easy

You will quickly become accustomed to navigating your way around the hundreds of lessons offered within each of our subscriptions. We suggest that you start off by choosing from the subjects offered in each subscription. Then you can browse through the numerous lessons offered within each subject and find the videos most relevant to your child’s educational level.

You might choose lessons that address certain problems your child is having within a subject. The beauty of our platform is that it allows you to pinpoint the topics that your child struggles with the most and remedy the situation by watching our videos prior to or after learning the content at school. This allows children to develop an understanding of the challenging concepts and eventually master them.

Alternatively, you may want to challenge children if they have become bored with a subject in which they obviously excel. By challenging them, you can renew their interest in the subject and spur them to surpass their peers in school. Along the way, children may be inspired to explore other facets of the subject, which will give them a more well-rounded education than they might be receiving at school.

Freedom for Your Child to Learn at Their Own Pace

Our platform relieves your child of the pressure to perform academically in front of their classmates. This freedom allows your child to truly absorb each lesson before moving on to the next.

When the pressure to learn at a certain pace is lifted, it allows for greater comprehension of the entire lesson and a deeper knowledge of the whole subject. Your child is happier, less frustrated and begins to enjoy the process of learning.

Try our platform for a month and see the changes in your child’s interest and achievements in school. We have priced our subscriptions on a monthly basis, so if your child doesn’t show any improvement in learning through our videos, then the cost to you will be minimal.

Give your child every opportunity to get the most out of their education. Start your subscription today.